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Saksham & Neharicka

Divine. Powerful.

We create High Fashion. Fashion, which is Modern, High Quality, Exclusive and Responsible.

Divine Sarees and Powerful Silhouettes, define us. With many different stories to tell, we tell stories that make a difference.

Saksham & Neharicka is a namesake label of the designer duo Saksham and Neharicka. We celebrate INDIVIDUALITY. The medium of our expression is the fashion we create for the bold and brave at heart.

Indian Soul | Global Style: Modern Indian culture is a beautiful amalgamation of the rich Indian heritage and the influence that the British invasion and Globalisation has had on us. This identity that we have developed in time is unlike any other and we take immense pride in how this rich mix has shaped Fashion for us. Celebrate with us this unique establishment and be a part of this cultural evolution.