About Us

Saksham & Neharicka is a namesake label of the designer duo Saksham and Neharicka. We celebrate freedom. We celebrate expression. The medium of our expression is the fashion we create for the young, bold and brave at heart.

Indian Soul | Global Presence: Modern Indian culture is a beautiful amalgamation of the rich Indian heritage and the influence that the British invasion and Globalisation has had on us. This identity that we have developed in time is unlike any other and we take immense pride in how this rich mix has shaped Fashion for us. Celebrate with us this unique establishment and be a part of this cultural evolution.

Quality Intransigence: Our inspiration comes from stories that we believe in and with our work we hope to define a new era in the Indian Occassionwear space. Fashion changes but it is your unique style that sets you apart. It is your personal style that inspires us to create statement clothing keeping in sync with the latest trends. 'No compromise in quality at any cost' is how we aim to establish and achieve our goals. We source the best natural and cellulose yarns, textiles and other raw materials that are directly involved in bringing our creations to life. 100% AZO free dyeing and printing, our sustainable approach, and recycling all fabric waste to create everlasting packaging and gifts for our customers helps reduce carbon footprints for Us and our clients by sharing a little goodness.

Team Work: As a team, we employ brilliant embroidery artists, tailors, weavers, and artists from all around the country. We believe in uplifting their lives and helping their children receive proper education and follow their dreams. Hence we work directly with them, providing them better security and help them beyond their fixed wages. A small step in uplifting the under privileged in our country. The goal is to develop their skills further and uplift them from being only labors to salaried executives and employees in their respective departments.