Saksham Neharicka is a modern Indian designer wear brand by designers Saksham Singh and Neharicka Singh.  


Woman - from the Stars | Man - of the Streets: All women are divine, all women are powerful. They are rulers of the modern world. With this belief, we craft all our women's collections.

On the other hand, our menswear line, is for the stylish Indian Man who likes to keep things simple yet stylish.

We Acknowledge: Every craftsman, every artisan, every hand and every individual soul that add magic to the outfits we create for You by uplifting them in their lives and supporting their ideas and ambitions. To know more about how we do it and how can you help, please get in touch with Us.

Most importantly, we acknowledge and thank You for being a patron. Your trust and support is the fuel that keeps us on this journey.

The Future: We believe in it. All of it. Celebrate with us this unique establishment and see for yourself.  

Indian Soul - International Style: Modern Indian culture is a beautiful amalgamation of the rich Indian heritage and the influence that the foreign world has had on us. In time, Indian fashion has developed an identity that is unlike any other and we take immense pride in how this extravagant identity stands out in the modern world.

We draw inspiration from this identity and narrate our stories through modern, luxurious, sustainable and slow fashion.