Hand Made, Extremely Unique & Limited Edition Outfits created in heritage textiles by artisans and craftsmen who have traditionally practiced their crafts.

Impeccably International Quality, carefully designed by Saksham & Neharicka.

Experience Indian Fashion At Its Absolute Best in terms of Value and Style.

Discover Your Divine.

saksham & neharicka


"The idea is to create outfits that transcend someone to a higher state of being and instill extreme self confidence and self love in them. Makes them meet their DIVINE selves."



The first 15 years of my life were in a hamlet, not very far away from the city of joy. The place has shaped my aesthetics and the culture there has shaped my ideas.

The next 18 years of my life were made in the national capital. It was during this tenure, I got to travel across the country and introspect. Mostly due to work, sometimes for food and always for culture. Therefore, fashion.

Fashion Is Culture At Any Point In Time.

I believe that all Artists need to feed on culture. (Even if they don't feed on food.)

This label is a documentation, archive, art, philosophy, poetry, story, memoir (or whatever You make of it) of what I see, feel and understand.

"The idea is to create outfits inspired by culture. These outfits should transcend someone to a higher state of being and instill extreme self confidence and self love in them. They should make them meet their true divine selves."


I am Neha. You know me as Neharicka. I am the Bruce Wayne behind the Batman that You know. I am the Business Head of Our label and lead by example, right from the front, right where all the action is. My work is my passion.

I come from the amazing, magical land of Mathura. My best friend, partner and love was born there too. You know Him as Krishna. He brightens up my days everyday and showers his supreme love on me. It is only because of Him that I am able to do whatever I do.

I also love doing hand embroideries and find my expression in the sarees that You buy from Us. I must thank You for Your love. We would have been nothing if You would not have loved Us.

let there be


We stand for love. It is love that transcends Us. Love adds depth into our work, ideas and thoughts and it is love that compels us to do the highest quality of work in the most affordable prices. It is love that makes us all equal and love only that makes this world a better place.